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Protect What's Most Important: LIFE

Self Defense and Firearm Training

Do you see the need to protect physical and mental self from an attack? 

Are you ready to learn Self Defense in depth enough to feel safer wherever you go?  

No Expert Level Experience Required! 
(We work with all levels of ability and experience :)

Work with Tactical Karl and learn from years of professional security, police and military wisdom.

If you don't have any gear or supplies, that's ok. Rentals and ammo are included, if applicable. Come ready to learn!

Protect yourself and your family in 2022!

Train with Tactical Karl!
What is Tactical Training?
Tactical Training is strategic preparation of mind and body to protect what is most important, life.

These in-person training classes were created for everyday people like you to gain the skills to protect yourself from harm so you can enjoy your life.

Work with the Supportive Trainers of Stephenson's Tactical Training, llc.

We believe that GOOD PEOPLE need to be prepared now more than ever. 

Its time to show up for yourself and loved ones with tactical training!

Mission: Make Good People Hard to Kill!
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Why Train With Tactical Karl?

As a current Police Officer Karl's goal is to help people avoid being a victim.

Benefit from thousands of study hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in Karl's Professional Training!

All student's that have had to use force in self defense have SURVIVED!

Example Training Options

Houston, tx

             Self Defense [all levels]

  •  Beginner Firearm
  •  Intermediate + Advanced 

  •            Specialty Firearm                             

Karl Comes to You
Any state, except where prohibited
  • Home Defense Tactical Consultation
  • Home Defense Scenario and Training
  • Group Training at Local Gun Range
  • 1 on 1 Training or Small Group

  •          *advanced notice and deposit required
Included in Beginner Sessions
  • 9mm Rental + 50 rounds ammo
  • Safety Gear
  • Additional Training Gear (if applicable)
  • Targets
About The Owner
 Karlton Stephenson
Karl is a Texas Department of Public Safety License to Carry Firearm Instructor.

He teaches Self Defense to all abilities and experience levels. 

His motto is "Train Like You Fight",  and he believes all good people should be "Hard to Kill!"

Karl is a veteran, U.S. Army 12B/Air Assault

Find him on instagram @tactical_karl

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